Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's art, and then there's mathematics

Many people comment on young people's future. I have now reached an age where people politely decline to hypothesize, being as I clearly have no future, I suppose. At any rate, back in the day, I remember many people urging me to find a way to combine art and mathematics, through design, or through animation, or computer graphics. I never really listened, because art was art, and never took any lessons from rulers and coordinates, and math was all about playing with abstract ideas. So I played with one, and then the other, and resisted any attempts to meld the two.

Now, much later, I am thinking about the two in the same sentence, mainly to find out if I believe that it is possible to put them believably together. I have seen many illustrations of mathematical ideas, and, while interesting, I don't always buy that it qualifies as contemporary avant-garde. You know?
So I did a quick search, and came up with a few images that I believe. And now I am starting to think.