Sunday, January 20, 2013

Setauket, a mystery so far

The fantastic Cathy Clasper Torch brought a fiddle tune to us during one of her classes, and I have been digging around for more information.

So far, I have a name, a state, a nickname, and a date of death, most of which was provided on the sheet music Cathy transcribed for us, having learned the piece herself from a Jeff Davis recording.

Anthony Hannibal Clapp, aka "Black Tony", was born in Connecticut, and died (according to in 1815.

And he wrote a great piece of music.

So here it is, "Setauket", performed by Cathy Clasper Torch, for learning and listening purposes only, please!

Update: Here's a youtube video with a different version of "Setauket", starting at 2:15. There's more about the group performing at this link. ("The players are Lindell Blackford, Mike Banvard, and Bill Stewart on fiddles, Bob Clark on banjo, me [Sean] on the banjo uke, Roy Farwell on guitar, and Jessie Evans on button accordian. ..."Setauket", which we think is an East coast tune that folks around here learned from either Mark Rennard or Mike Banvard." )

And a wonderful mandolin only version:

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