Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doodles and dribbles and astrocartography

It is raining in the Alps. Cold rain in the Alps is not fun. Yes, the clouds are pretty, but... Man, it's cold out there - 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

These photos were taken on the last day before the rains began.

Yes, I'm complaining about being in les Arcs. In Haute-Savoie. I know.

Speaking of locations, I have been paling around with astrocartography maps, trying to decide if it's Boise, Idaho, or Omaha, Nebraska, that is the ideal place for me - according to these maps, at least! I think it all comes down to daylight saving time...

Nixon signed the daylight saving law into being the year I was born. So, circuitously, if I moved to the wrong city based on an hour's difference, Nixon could be responsible for my personal astrological disaster. How fun is that?

And, once again, I tinker with animations: