Sunday, November 30, 2014

The alphabet is not getting shorter...

An animal alphabet seemed like a great idea, with built in structure, lots of varied critters... But then I realized, after five letters or so, that there are twenty-six. Yes, I don't always think things through. Hmm.

The first question everyone has: What animal are you using for X?
So, here's the African ground squirrel, Xerus!

The show is up at AS220 Project Space, at 93 Mathewson Street, for the month of December. Kid oriented, as you might have noticed - tots are welcome!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Masters' in Priorities

I am more than half way finished with my third class, Theories and Principles of Language Teaching with Dr. Lily Compton, in the Umass Boston online version of their Applied Linguistics Program
The student caliber is high, the median age I would guess to be mid thirties (with plenty above and below that age) and from all over the world – Greece, France, Japan, Philippines, and the U.S. The weekly work requirements involve about 12 hours of reading and writing, with possibly a bit more for a perfect record of responding thoughtfully and with academic weight to the comments of fellow students. The reading is interesting, particularly Vivian Cook's SecondLanguage Learning and Language Teaching: Fourth Edition(Dry title, dry humor.)
In spite of all that, I am taking next semester off. Cancer snapped me into a new set of priorities, and I'm not sure getting a(nother) masters' is how I want to spend whatever time I have here in this crazy and lush world of the senses.
I spoke with my advisor, the well known Professor/Dr. Lilia Bartolome, the day before yesterday, and she was interested, helpful, and understanding. She asked if I wanted to drop out, but I don't know that, yet. I might just be in a sickness accentuated slump of enthusiasm, common to many people at this point in any course of action.
So, I'll wait, paint, write, and meditate, and, if I still feel wishy washy in a few months, I'll drop out.

Meanwhile, I am trying to prepare for a December show at AS220, and taking a free Coursera Intro to Guitar class, offered by Thaddeus Hogarth at the Berklee School of Music, and, yes, tinkering around with a novel when I have a second or two... 
Overcommitment, anyone?