Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sooty orange

I appreciate the cleverness of curators of Etsy treasuries. Sooty Orange, curated by totallylegalpot (I love the name) is based on a quirky love, and evocative description, of a color combination. Yep, that's my hippo, standing proud among the sooty crowd.'s a sitting run!

This is the second weekend in a row that I have made it to going to do a little meditation. Conclusion after round two? Man, this is REALLY boring. The most interesting thing about it is the endless ways in which it is boring. And how mundane, not mind blowing and trippy, it is to sit there and watch my breath. And how often I get uptight about my own failures to put my attention on my breath. But some part of me still thinks it's worthwhile to train my awareness to be able to stay put on the object I choose, and not flit around like a flour moth after my cookies. Obviously, I am not really dedicated enough to this, or I would actually be doing it. "There is no try, only do." Is that 70s wisdom, or just transcendental trash talk?

Don't worry, mind, you won't be going next weekend. One of the tortured religions has stuff going on next Sunday.

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