Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Masks for Shambhala Children's Day

I have had fun drawing these for our solstice celebration this weekend, and want to share them with anyone who would like to make a mask for the kids.

Click on each to be directed to a higher resolution version (scanned at 150dpi, so I guess you would want to print it at that as well.)

Happy Solstice!


  1. Thanks. Been looking everywhere for a child's garuda mask!

  2. Dear Julia,

    Thank-you very much for designing these! At the moment, a few members of the Shambhala sangha (including myself) are in the midst of putting together official activities guides for families, children, and Bodhi School programs; and I've actually been looking for a complete set of masks to include in the resource manuals. If it's not all to much to ask you, would you be open to sharing your masks through the new Shambhala Families and Children Guide (assuming that it becomes an official document)?