Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ushering paintings out the door, and giving free stained glass design

By this point in my packing, I have divested of most paintings and drawings I made while at college. Karen, one more portrait for you here.

I have put all of my animal paintings on a half-off sale.

And now I am giving away a drawing. Digitally. Any stain glass artists out there looking for a design, this is for you. I was originally commissioned to make it for $25, but I thought it needed more work (I'd already spent two hours on it), and a higher ticket price... The commissioner walked away, offended. "It's not like I need the Sistine Chapel," she said.

Sigh. The undervalued life of an artist. Another reason to study Applied Linguistics.

My revenge is to give it to you! Happy way to let water pass under the bridge. Enjoy, some artist out there.

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