Thursday, October 24, 2013

Surgery over, tubes out, no longer a cyborg

Wow. What a journey. This stop: Just Be With It.

I have had many steps and stages and levels and measurements along the way, and that made it easier to deal with this whole cancer thing. But those are done, and now I have to .... do nothing.

Except.... what?

Exercise. They're all pretty clear on that. 40 minutes of getting my heart rate up, three or four times a week.

Don't drink more than a glass of wine a day. (Uh, no problem.)

The triple negative bogey man is scaring me, though. Hmm. Maybe I should be this for Halloween. Maybe I should own Halloween this year.

Maybe I'll just be ye old skeleton.

"If it comes back, not in the same spot, it is incurable," is what I heard, more or less, from the oncologist. "But we are hopeful for you." Ach.

Breathe. One nanosecond at a time.

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