Wednesday, January 29, 2014

flowers and owls

Still noodling along... drawing owls, experimenting with pastels vs. acrylic.

I think I like the pastel version better. That probably means I like less precision more than it's opposite. Which means paint flowers with less of a precious eye, perhaps.

Thank you, Aunt Crystal, for the subject matter!

Also, here is a marvelous article on dealing with the uncertainties of life expectancy after cancer. 
In a way, though, the certainty of death was easier than this uncertain life. Didn’t those in purgatory prefer to go to hell, and just be done with it? Was I supposed to be making funeral arrangements? Devoting myself to my wife, my parents, my brothers, my friends, my adorable niece? Writing the book I had always wanted to write? Or was I supposed to go back to negotiating my multiyear job offers?
- Paul Kalanithi, New York Times, Jan 24 2014

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