Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tarasque, TARDIS, loneliness

I get these daily messages from the Enneagram Institute, and this is what barely kept me from rewatching old Doctor Who:
The Direction of Growth for Nines is Three. When healthy Nines go to Three, they become self-assured and interested in developing themselves and their talents to the fullest extent possible. How can you more fully develop yourself today? (The Enneagram Institute, Personality Types, p369)
Still what with snow and children and weekends and such, I am asserting my rebelliousness by not meditating.
I think perhaps that I recognize that last bit of identity assertion as being lame.
I painted a wee little monster instead of watching a traveling time-lord. May I introduce to you the Tarasque? (hmm. sounds like TARDIS, and similar blue color...)

The Tarasque was a monster on a rampage in Nerluc, of Provence, France. According to one story it had a head like a lion, legs like a bear's (but six of them), the body of an ox wearing a turtle shell, and the tail of a scorpion. It burned all it touched, until Saint Martha tamed it, brought it back to the town, but the people killed the now docile beastie.
Sad story. But the townspeople felt bad and renamed their town Tarascon...

And now a few words on loneliness from Krishnamurti:
The entity who tries to fill or run away from emptiness, incompleteness, loneliness, is not different from that which he is avoiding; he is it. He cannot run away from himself; all that he can do is understand himself. He is his loneliness, his emptiness[.]” On Love and Loneliness p56

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