Friday, July 23, 2010

A simpler blue morpho butterfly

I think this will be the last Etsy item for a while, as the baby seems to be on his way, if these are real contractions...
I love researching the creatures I paint. Once again, hitting the Wikipedia!

Tidbits gleaned from Wikipedia:

The blue morpho anaxibia butterfly lifespan is approximately 137 days, and it's wingspan is 110-120 cm. The adult body is covered with iridescent tetrahedron scales on the back, with a brown exterior. The larvae eat plants that produce toxins, and are thus protected from predators. The chrysalis, when touched, emits a sound to repulse predators.

They were once used by the people of the Rio Negro in Brazil to decorate ceremonial masks, after having been lured by blue objects on the ground; now they are raised for use in jewelry and interior decoration around the world. “Morpho” is another name given to Venus or Aphrodite, and means “changed” or “modified.”

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