Monday, October 18, 2010

Hedgehog Juju, Bang! Bang!

This painting is just a thought floating around in my head...

I just read an interesting article on boys' (and girls') violent play. In summary, according to the article, children need to imagine aggression and bad guys in order to be imaginative, and to come to terms with aggression and violence, but all of that kind of play has been on the rise with the advent of heavy marketing to kids. They just have more to come to grips with these days, but it won't necessarily translate into real violence. At least, this was my reading of the article. What do you think?

I was just glancing at the ancient pile of images I have been collecting, sitting there next to Émile's play area, and found this photo of a sculpture by Martin Puryear, shown at the MoMA three years ago. Why is it so desperately appealing? The message is beautiful, no matter what message you get from it. I see the elegance of a journey, where beginning and end are undefined, open, whether or not they are even there. The window is a kind of shortcut, one that I can't get to from the ladder. Plus, the colors are very soothing compliments.

Ah. Found the article, and a clearer image, at the NY Times! Kind of like the pattern from the scanner meets printing press, though...

Maybe it's just that I like sky, and absurd surrealism.

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