Sunday, January 9, 2011


I once made a New Year's resolution to get back my stomach muscles. That didn't happen. I can't remember any other resolutions...
But I'm considering taking resolutions seriously this year, after I coming upon the Kabbalah "ten questions to ponder", written up in the Huffington Post by Levi Ben-Schmeul. I had a vision of myself being wise and long-sighted, okay with letting my daughter be who she is, even when I don't like it (like tonight), and picked out these three points of meditation from his list:
  1. What will make me wiser?
  2. A hallmark of wisdom is seeing a greater picture than what your ego wants you to believe is true. Is your vision narrowly focused on personal gain? Imagine a larger vision of yourself as a powerful person living to fulfill a greater good. Strive to achieve outcomes in what have been difficult situations that embrace your larger vision of yourself.

  3. How can I deepen my listening?
  4. We have numerous voices clamoring for attention in our heads (as well as outside of them). Some are innocuous, some benevolent and some out for destructive purposes. Take time in a quiet place and consciously listen to the competing voices. Align with the ones who will support you in your quest for growth. When listening to an outside voice, find that quiet place inside to allow space to truly hear what someone is saying.

  5. How can I be more compassionate?
  6. Compassion flows when you appreciate the interconnectedness of life. It is particularly difficult to be compassionate to someone who is feared or seen as a problem. Examine what is rejected along with what is accepted both within and outside of yourself. Seek to be more inclusive as you open your heart to the inherent interconnectedness of life.

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