Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NoMo what?

Several years ago I heard about National Novel Writing Month, while listening to kqed in Oakland, California. I was busy finishing my MFA, or maybe I was already dealing with a demanding baby person, but I vowed that I would do it, 50,000 words in 30 days, someday. I think this might be the someday. I'm thinking of going ultra cheesey: romance. Hah! I am the least romantic person I know. I can't wait. I once dared to criticize my mother for writing romance novels (which she never published, probably through want of trying) saying she should write what she knew. She had the grace to think this was funny, coming from her adolescent daughter.

The NaNoWriMo fits right in with the theme of this month: confusion. I have to admit that I am going through a midlife crisis. I say a and not the, because it isn't my first, and probably not my last. Emile is toddling, and I feel a parallel need to explore, and solidify.

Should I
  • continue exploring my artwork, even though I am terrified of even the most harmless and kind gallery managers?
  • go back to school to study the teaching of mathematics, with the goal of mixing art and math in adult remedial education? Harvard Extension School and UC Berkeley both have interesting programs that might work. Smith College has a well funded post bacc that gives grants to the students, as well.
  • continue teaching English as a Second Language?
  • go into translation?
  • write romance novels?

You see how things are. Alas.

Anyway, please join me in the November fun of writing absolute novel-lengthed crap.

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