Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The usual slow reentry

Above is one of Lucy's cloud photos, which she took in the car on the way to a children's meditation class at Boston's Shambhala center. Appropriate, right?

Below is one of the few photos I took of our trip. I will have to raid the supply of family numbers to get more. The weather was blissfully mild in Cannes and the Alps, and even cold enough for a sweater in Paris. I can handle a summer like that.

I'm working on spicing up the animation for my friend Camille's song, but my Dell, which had pulled a temporary Lazarus before (although I guess it was temporary even for Lazarus himself) is now beyond the grave, and so I'm still working out the wrinkles in the animation process. Simple scans to video is not working out as easily as it did before, so I'm trying to figure that problem out.

The enneagram has came back onto my plate, as friends around me try to figure out where they fit in that system. My sister's assertion that I am a nine, not a five, has been gaining some credence as I compare my self view with reality.
Key Motivations: Want to create harmony in their environment, to avoid conflicts and tension, to preserve things as they are, to resist whatever would upset or disturb them. (from http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ )
Apparently, many nines like to believe they are fives. How unflattering for nines!

Lucy took this photo the night we left my sister's place in Brooklyn to come back home.

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