Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bee, bee, bumblebee

As with last time, I type one handed while holding a sleeping baby.
Little Émile has GERD (painful gastro stuff) so the studio is very hard to reach these days. But I made one, and even took photos!

I found this little bee
was in my garden, after a life of gathering pollen from all of the flowering bushes. I think it is a bumble bee, not a honey bee.

Interesting things about the bumble bee:

It is different from the honey bee in that it nests in the ground, and has a special hook for honey on it's hind legs. In most other ways, they are very similar.

The myth that bumble bees should be incapable of flight may have arisen because scientists weren't aware of the vortex the little creatures were able to create above their wings with each cycle of wing beats, much like is created by a helicopter.

The buzzing sound comes from the bee's muscles as they create the flying movement, not from the wings themselves.

We just said goodbye
to my aunt's place in Welfleet. Here is Lucy holding her brother at the cottage. And then Émile, looking very Norwegian...

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