Monday, September 20, 2010

Hippos, crocs, and thugs

We all know that MY daughter is the most perfect and inoffensive angel on the planet... and then her friend takes a candid photo of her...

Painted this croc on OSB wood for my daughter's friend's birthday, same day as mine. He said crocodiles were his favorite animals. An original choice-- first time I've heard it! And yes, those are Penrose tiles behind the painting.

My funny little hippo got included in another eponymous (what a thrill to use that word) treasury, called The Orange Hippo, curated by CicalTdesigns.

And in another treasury of "undiscovered shops" (meaning fewer than 20 sales), called Hippo Finds Pumpkin, curated by simplychiclily. Isn't that a wonderful idea, looking for undiscovered shops? A kind of treasure hunt.

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