Thursday, September 30, 2010

RISCA grants and the talents of others

I just finished my application for the RISCA Individual Project grant. In the process, I learned that my friend Christina Spangler is a wonderful writer, and I got to admire the work of three other artist friends.

Jinny Pearce makes stunning prints, as rich in meaning as in tonal variation.

Margaret Owen handles paint as if the rest of us are just missing out on one of human beings' natural endowments,

and Carie Chong makes installations that are all the more poignant for their elegance. How about that for a list of talented friends?

In the words of my friend Christina, charcoal and paint, growing and flowing, stumbling and overlapping, revealing the layering of lives operating on many levels, at varying speeds, through the lenses of those who have lived them, and who can best express them, female artists themselves.

The video clip is the grant proposal...

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