Sunday, August 11, 2013

A very hard week is finally over

A friend commissioned a portrait from me, and so today, for the first time, I was able to work on a quick sketch for the work. I'm noticing that working on it absorbs me completely, which is kind of a wonderful feeling these days.

Plus she wants jellyfish in the painting. I think I would like to spend a while painting jellyfish. M├ęduse, in French, which I love. It is a more mysterious name than jellyfish, right?

*  *  *

Some brave souls intimated that chemo would get harder toward the end. I hope they were just talking about the AC bit of the menu, because I am not entirely convinced I could get through worse than this last week.


Sort of.

And I'm having dreams of fighting and catching villains who are wearing full plastic factory aprons, covered in wet grey paint... Metaphor for my very sweet chemo nurse?

Update: While Laurent went to get Lucy at camp I had a chance to paint -- not for long, but enough for another sketch:

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