Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last of the toughest of the good poison

Causes for celebration, from minor to major:

The VFW Parkway is a very beautiful way to get to Dana Farber.

I have no hair, so showers are quick, and I am rarely overheated.

I am done with the AC chemo part of the treatment, so I have only a couple more rough chemical outfall weeks to wade through, before I start the Taxol.

Emile got into the preschool we chose for him, and

Lucy got into the elementary school she chose for herself. She melted the teacher's heart.

I can still play the fiddle.

I have wonderful family and friends. And cat, who is currently compressing my feet under her considerable weight on the bed.

The tumors have disappeared! Even the oncologist couldn't feel them. This is fantastic.

Now for the less comfortable news:

Double mastectomy.

Ovary removal and early menopause.

At least that is a shorter list, right?

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