Friday, October 30, 2015

Spatial Test Neurosis

My daughter was invited to take the tests for the talent search for the Johns Hopkins Center for TalentedYouth.

Yay – yikes! Holy projection of stress onto my child!

So, there is the Spatial Test Battery, and then another standardized test for ye old above grade level achievement whoza whatsa. It's the STB that's getting me all worked up.

Emile and Lucy and I constructed our own block manipulation problems with Legos

Wouldn't I have loved to take that test as a kid? 

Really. I would have. 

And, because parenthood is a constant losing crisis of not keeping my own feelings out of it, how can I make sure my daughter does well?

The spiral goes like this: we don't allow video games in our house because it always and inevitably leads to melt down hell in our children, which means she's undertrained by a decade of playing Minecraft, as all her peers will have under their belts, so we must prep, which requires much research on Mama's part...

Do you see my screws coming loose?


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